Don’t ruin your career.

An actor told me his manager suggested flaking on a student film to audition for a paid job. That’s fucking bananas, right? The student film holds more value than the audition. Maybe not for the manager, but surely for the actor. Small time manager. Think bigger! Reputation never dies. Don’t let your manager ruin yours.

It’s absurd to think donating your time to a student project isn’t valuable. Those experiences are important for every actor. I’d want to be comfortable before stepping onto a multi-million dollar set. Don’t get me wrong. Actors need to be paid. But be realistic.

I don’t think it’s the money that actors are concerned about. It’s the fact that producers noticed value in the performance; so much so, they worked it into the budget. That’s pretty awesome.

Get. Their. Attention. That’s all that matters. If you get the attention of credible industry professionals and they respond to what you’re putting out there, you’ll get hired and paid. You need to show value before putting a price tag on your headshot.

Focus on marketing. There are too many marketing for actors classes being offered here in Los Angeles to mention. I won’t pay anyone that hasn’t built a business. If you don’t have experience building a profitable company using social media, then what can they teach me?

What do you guys think? Personally, I’m sick of taking classes. I’m ready to work. And that’s what’s so great about social media for actors; you can play any role you want, anytime you want. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this. #TCDstudios

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