It’s all about you and only you

Have you ever just felt like dog shit because your career isn’t going exactly how you envisioned? I feel ya. But it’s okay. There’s stuff you can do that will help you feel more productive. Because that’s really all it is, right? I think some of us feel lost because we don’t know what to do. I can help with that.

You might be the best actor in the world but if you can’t sell, there’s no point. You might have this amazing business with an amazing product. Are people seeing it? Nobody is going to see you unless they can find you. How are you going to pitch yourself when they do find you?

It might sound scary but these days, you need to be great at selling. You’re in luck because the best and most effective form of selling is storytelling and as actors, you’re trained to tell story which means, you’re trained to sell. And it should be easy because you’re selling yourself.

Most actors focus on posting their demo reels and headshots all over social media. “Please share my IMDb link!”  It’s not gonna work. You don’t need to oversell. 

When it comes to marketing and selling your product (you), the less you think about blasting your headshot and resume to the masses and and the less you focus on reaching specific people (casting directors), the better the results will be. Everyone is different and you’ll never please everyone. Just do you and see who reacts to your content. 

Everyone hates selling but I think it’s mostly because people don’t believe in what they are selling. If you believe in yourself, it should be easy for you. And don’t let people influence you from telling the story that you want to tell. Fuck type. There’s no such thing as type so you should stop listening to people that throw you into a general category. Those people love that actors live in fear because it’s how they get paid.

I believe in you and I will help you if you let me. You just do you and you’ll be alright. And fuck anyone that says you can’t do it. #TCDstudios

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